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VC International

Our international arm, VC International, focuses on international organizations, treaty bodies, and providing counsel to foreign governments. VC International also represents clients at CITES and other international venues where a client's direct participation may not be advantageous.

Historically, U.S. businesses have relied upon associations and ad hoc coalitions to advocate for their interests overseas. As a result, they have become complacent to potential international threats, and equally as important, have overlooked potential opportunities.

For sovereign states wishing to maintain positive bilateral relationships with the United States, it is critically important that they control the narrative in the U.S. media and within the U.S. Congress and the Executive Branch. Additionally, as the world's top economy, the United States is an extremely important market for many sovereign states and thus market penetration, regulatory compliance, and sovereign wealth investment opportunities are capabilities we take great pride in offering.

Currently, VC International works with a number of sovereign states throughout Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Through this work we are proud to assist clients on a broad spectrum of issue areas including foreign policy, human rights, intelligence and security, terrorism, economic development, and trade.